Communicate Anytime Any where with the new Desk-top Diva!

The Desk-Top Diva is a new USB-Powered LED Ring light by Stellar Lighting Systems. It  features an elegant and simple solution for Video and Web broadcasting. Broadcast yourself professionally on the web right from your desk or any where else you happen to be! This is the ultimate YouTube and Instagram  tool. Tell your story, show yourself in a great light, be your own hero. The lighting system provides a smooth and even daylight-balanced glow from a ring of LED lights surrounding your Phone. This simple lighting solution offers the same design of lighting that professional photographers use for model shoots make up advertising and tutorials . The USB-Powered LED Ring is capable of changing the color of the light to match the color of your skin and show you in the best light possible.. With the light, you’re able to capture a quality video in diverse lighting environments. You’ll also enjoy the added recording stability by the sturdy base and flexible goose neck stand.

In addition, the Desk Top Diva USB-Powered LED Ring light provides:

  • Makeup Mirror
  • USB Port
  • Color Shift Technology
  • Phone Grip both for recording position and live broadcast
  • Ac Adapter/Charger
  • 1 year warranty
  • Duel USB power cords for Extra power

The Desk-Top LED Diva Ring light allows you to share stunning representations of yourself, while fine lines and blemishes are minimized. Your eyes will sparkle as they are brightened in the light. You’ll appear as beautiful as a portrait while you speak!

Stellar Diva Desktop USB-Powered LED Ringlight

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